Everyone in this video is dead

That’s not macabre, just the truth. This 1922 video of city life in Amsterdam is colorized and the fps enhanced, producing better video quality.

We’re living through the first time in history where quality videos of the 100+ year past are readily available. I wonder if we’ll learn things about ourselves that were previously inaccessible, because each generation forgets – and books communicate information in a different way than video.

If you lived for 300 years would you see humans repeat the same patterns over and over again in the course of a standard human lifecycle? Do we change, or are humans a river of recurring patterns?

It feels weird to look at high-quality video of the past, but that’s only because we’re the first generation who can do it. Future generations will have immediate access to videos of the past. I think this will change the way we think of ourselves. Instead of seeing ourselves as individual units, we’ll see that we’re part of a whole that stretches across time.

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