Predicting Gen X behavior

There are no shortages of movies about Baby Boomers passing through midlife crises and getting older. It’s practically a genre. But what about Gen X?

In 2013, Salon predicted how Gen X would handle midlife crisis:

For many of us, who waited to prepare things just so before we started a family, the idea of waking up to family-and-career complacency and wondering how we lost track of our youthful dreams sounds like the luxury of a more secure generation. David Byrne’s suburban lament “How did I get here?” has become the more practical “How can I pay my rent?”

Gen X is also defined by divorce and as a response, is much more serious about family:

“Xers are deep into family formation,” says Connelly. The flashy car isn’t important, but building that calm, peaceful fort is. “Xers are keeping stores like Pottery Barn and Architectural Hardware solvent. I think they will continue to spend at home, on the home.”

So, how well did these predictions turn out?

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