Interesting Links

  1. 1920s – a trip around in color and remastered.
  2. Marvel Phases 4 and 5. Very comprehensive look at what’s coming next for Marvel. Dark and gritty seems to be the theme. Also, lots of big villains – from the High Evolutionary to Kang the Conqueror.
  3. Modular laptops. I really like how custom port configurations are possible, although USB-C seems like we’ve finally arrived at a true universal port.
  4. A book filled with visualizations of great news. Here’s something to get as a Christmas gift for the worriers in your life, with 200+ hand-crafted infographics, like “The Happiest Countries in the World” and “Foreign Aid Has Exploded.” And the graphics really are beautiful.
  5. How to be a better person. Nothing complicated here.

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