New app works to create social messaging on the blockchain

New startup “Lines” aims to develop blockchain based social messaging, enabling users to send messages between wallets and join group chats based on ownerships of tokens.

It matters because there’s a “rapidly increasing number of people using crypto pseudonyms to purchase digital currency, swap NFTs, vote on proposals, and manage treasuries,” explains Handa. “But whenever someone tries to communicate with another person in this network, there’s no way of knowing whether or not they are talking to the right person.”

This strikes me as a really smart idea.

Another standout is that the founders are three philosophy majors from Harvard, and they received backing from none other than Navil Ravikant and Balajis Srinivasan – which makes me wonder what I did with my degree, if three non-technical people can start a web3 app. I’m legitimately curious about this. Link here.

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