Just Friends and Scott Pilgrim: Rom-coms for men?

Every year, I watch Just Friends and Scott Pilgrim, and I think they’re so rewatchable because they’re rom-coms unabashedly from the male POV (I’m male). Whereas I think most rom-coms are geared toward women as the principal audience and perspective. In the case of Just Friends, I’m struck by the casual cruelty Amy Smart’s characterContinue reading “Just Friends and Scott Pilgrim: Rom-coms for men?”

The most bold “top 100 rpg” lists ever

Every single “Top 100” list will offend someone, and in this day and age, 99% of them will be a stupid, unreadable click through list that is designed to produce traffic. With those two principles in mind, this list really shines. First, because it is the boldest list I’ve seen. It must be triggering someone,Continue reading “The most bold “top 100 rpg” lists ever”

9 things you may not know about J.R.R. Tolkien

The Two Towers In light of the September 11 attacks, some fans objected to Peter Jackson using this name, and circulated an Internet petition. The Beatles. At the urging of John Lennon, the Beatles seriously debated filming a movie based on the Lord of the Rings. Paul would be Frodo, Lennon would be Gollum, GeorgeContinue reading “9 things you may not know about J.R.R. Tolkien”

Clones for organ harvesting

New startup aims to create embryos in artificial wombs, raising them to 40 to 50 days (when basic organs are formed). The organs would then be used for transplants: “We view the embryo as the best 3D bio printer,” says Hanna. “It’s the best entity to make organs and proper tissue.” Ethical issues abound. ImagineContinue reading “Clones for organ harvesting”

More Interesting Links

Cooperation among strangers has increased. If true, my guess is that the Internet allows us to crowdsource funds for people we haven’t met. First lines of famous literature – if there was no childcare. I assumed this would be preachy and annoying; it’s not, it’s hilarious. Color palettes of famous movies. Addictive. An interactive mapContinue reading “More Interesting Links”

Why do countries modify the truth?

The obvious answer is because it makes them look good. Martin Gurri, author of The Revolt of the Public, has a lot to say in this interview: The highest calling of true elites is to translate the flux of reality into a coherent story.  To most Americans, who believe reality must be approached “scientifically,” thisContinue reading “Why do countries modify the truth?”