My favorite books of 2021

This was a competitive year, because The Sovereign Individual and The Revolt of the Public were absolutely going to take two slots, leaving room for only one more. So I cheated a little and added a runners-up list. The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age.There is so much packed into this book,Continue reading “My favorite books of 2021”

What is “reality,’” according to physics?

I wanted to get a sense of what reality is really like, at least based on what scientists say. So I picked up copies of The Order of Time and Seven Brief Lessons of Physics, by the Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli. These were my takeaways. An overview of what reality is Reality.We are immersed inContinue reading “What is “reality,’” according to physics?”

Favorite Books of 2020

My favorite book of 2020 was Navalmanack, by Naval Ravikant. Best of all, it’s free. Naval is a philosopher and entrepreneur, and this book collects his interviews, tweets and articles over the years. What you get is helpful mental models for navigating life. Navalmanack is the best book I’ve read in five years. Off theContinue reading “Favorite Books of 2020”

The “best” book about each country

If you’ve ever visited a different country, or are thinking about visiting one, you may like this listing of Tyler Cowen’s recommendations of the best books about 19 countries. To count, the book must have some aspirations to be a general survey of what the country is or to cover much of the history ofContinue reading “The “best” book about each country”

A reading list about health

Making healthy food choices in our modern food system is today’s equivalent to foraging. Foraging is the skill of identifying edible weeds and plants in nature. People with this skill gained more nutrients. People who lacked this skill had less. Similarly, the modern food system provides a bounty of health for people who can navigateContinue reading “A reading list about health”

Sapiens – as a blog post

The author summarizes the entirety of Yuval Harari’s Sapiens into a single blog post.   Sapiens makes the case (among other things) that the agricultural revolution was not particularly good for humanity, though it brought some good things. I spent over 25 hours building a cut-down version of Sapiens. The goal? Future-me should be happyContinue reading “Sapiens – as a blog post”