The “best” book about each country

If you’ve ever visited a different country, or are thinking about visiting one, you may like this listing of Tyler Cowen’s recommendations of the best books about 19 countries. To count, the book must have some aspirations to be a general survey of what the country is or to cover much of the history ofContinue reading “The “best” book about each country”

Five RPG links of the day

Disco Elysium RPG. Navigate the secrets of Revachol West. A review of Storm King’s Thunder. Classic D&D Modules Ranked. Everyone has their favorite list like this, this one is mine. Tom Moldvay comes out on top, with a lot of modules. Best supplements for city design. (should include!) The business of Dungeons & DragonsContinue reading “Five RPG links of the day”

Diving deep into the bin: RPGs from 2012

Why 2012? It’s not clear. But this is a good list. Good in the sense that I’ve heard of none of these RPGs, and I like that. It feels like discovery. It’s easy to imagine playing this one: Broken Rooms – A huge (460 page) modern multiversal rpg. And I’d barely heard of it despiteContinue reading “Diving deep into the bin: RPGs from 2012”