Decision-making advice from a poker player

Annie Duke is a former professional poker player who writes books about making good decisions in the face of incomplete data – lessons she learned in poker. My favorite is her advice to reduce political bias: Think in terms of bets. Rather than saying, “This decision is awful,” say “I’m 99% convinced this decision isContinue reading “Decision-making advice from a poker player”

What is “The Great Online Game”?

The “Great Online Game” is a way to think about the Internet and your potential to make money with it. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a video game as, “A game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or other display screen.” The Great Online Game is everythingContinue reading “What is “The Great Online Game”?”

What do executives do?

Executives set culture, and that’s important enough. An executive with 8,000 indirect reports and 2000 hours of work in a year can afford to spend, at most, 15 minutes per year per person in their reporting hierarchy… even if they work on nothing else. That job seems impossible. How can anyone make any important decisionContinue reading “What do executives do?”

Should you worry about your work surviving 200 years from now?

No, because doing so is counterproductive. But I like the way this author puts it, in an essay about having perspective on one’s contributions: At some point in life, we come to realize that we exist in a context. If you are a scientist, you might make a small but useful contribution in your subfield,Continue reading “Should you worry about your work surviving 200 years from now?”