What is “reality,’” according to physics?

I wanted to get a sense of what reality is really like, at least based on what scientists say. So I picked up copies of The Order of Time and Seven Brief Lessons of Physics, by the Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli. These were my takeaways. An overview of what reality is Reality.We are immersed inContinue reading “What is “reality,’” according to physics?”

The big ideas that shape your reality

The author says there are unwritten principles beneath everything, and these principles move people along like a current:   You spend years trying to learn new stuff but then look back and realize that maybe like 10 big ideas truly changed how you think and drive most of what you believe. This is related toContinue reading “The big ideas that shape your reality”

Phillip K. Dick, reality and manipulation

My favorite article about the science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick goes deep into his writings, his belief system and his thoughts on reality and manipulation. Years ago I printed this article, and I keep it in a file cabinet next to my desk, returning to it from time to time: It was always my hope,Continue reading “Phillip K. Dick, reality and manipulation”

We believe things that aren’t true and it’s normal

We all do it. Not because we’re superstitious, not because we’re duped by fake news, but because our brains don’t distinguish memories in the way we think they do: our brain doesn’t often make beliefs and tested reality feel like different things. It’s almost as if ‘true’ and ‘belief’ only became separate categories in ourContinue reading “We believe things that aren’t true and it’s normal”

The truth behind house hunting shows

They’re definitely not real, according to this author at least. She writes: The first thing you need to know is that in neither episode of House Hunters were Jeff and I actually … house hunting. One time we’d already closed on the house we “chose” in the episode; the other time we’d already lived inContinue reading “The truth behind house hunting shows”