Clones for organ harvesting

New startup aims to create embryos in artificial wombs, raising them to 40 to 50 days (when basic organs are formed). The organs would then be used for transplants: “We view the embryo as the best 3D bio printer,” says Hanna. “It’s the best entity to make organs and proper tissue.” Ethical issues abound. ImagineContinue reading “Clones for organ harvesting”

Career advice in the technology industry

I like collecting lists of advice, even if I don’t always agree with everything. They’re helpful references and points of light and I think it’s helpful to keep close. This is a list of career advice in the technology industry. Contrary to the author’s assertion, I did not know all of the things in thisContinue reading “Career advice in the technology industry”

What is “The Great Online Game”?

The “Great Online Game” is a way to think about the Internet and your potential to make money with it. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a video game as, “A game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or other display screen.” The Great Online Game is everythingContinue reading “What is “The Great Online Game”?”

New app works to create social messaging on the blockchain

New startup “Lines” aims to develop blockchain based social messaging, enabling users to send messages between wallets and join group chats based on ownerships of tokens. It matters because there’s a “rapidly increasing number of people using crypto pseudonyms to purchase digital currency, swap NFTs, vote on proposals, and manage treasuries,” explains Handa. “But wheneverContinue reading “New app works to create social messaging on the blockchain”

Vitalik on Balajis

Vitalik Buterin has weighed in on Balajis’ Network States concept. I like that Vitalik shares why he thinks Balajis is taking this stance. (I’m making an assumption that given his role in the crypto space, Vitalik knows Balajis well enough that he’s not mind reading). Vitalik thinks that: To show that network states are theContinue reading “Vitalik on Balajis”

Is the internet getting worse?

Reasonably Polymorphic describes why lately, so much of the Internet feels bland and generic: The internet feels now like it consists of ten big sites, plus fifty auxiliary sites that come up whenever you search for something outside of the everyday ten. It feels like it’s harder to find amateur opinions on matters, except ifContinue reading “Is the internet getting worse?”

Brain computer interfaces becoming real

Oxley is the founder and CEO of Synchron, a company creating a brain-computer interface, or BCI. ​​These devices work by eavesdropping on the signals emanating from your brain and converting them into commands that then enact a movement, like moving a robotic arm or a cursor on a screen. The implant essentially acts as anContinue reading “Brain computer interfaces becoming real”

New Metaverse Category, MTV

MTV’s Video Music Awards has announced a new category, for “Best Metaverse Performance.” This might seem too trendy if I hadn’t seen the Travis Scott performance in Fortnite during COVID, which was exceptional. Throughout 2022, several musicians held musical performances in popular video games, similar to Travis Scott’s massive virtual concert in Fortnite back inContinue reading “New Metaverse Category, MTV”

Using NFTs for video call avatars

This new startup takes a static NFT, then uses AI to animate it, so that you can have anonymous calls while still building an identity with an owned NFT. Balajis Srinivasan called this years ago with his concept of the “pseudonymous economy.” The idea is that sharing all your identifying information with an employer (socialContinue reading “Using NFTs for video call avatars”