Grant Morrison on magic

The comic book author and follower of magic describes how to get started in magic, for those into that sort of thing. I discovered this article after falling into a google hole after watching Under the Silver Lake, from some thread somewhere that said the protagonist was creating sigils. Magic also sounds a lot likeContinue reading “Grant Morrison on magic”

We believe things that aren’t true and it’s normal

We all do it. Not because we’re superstitious, not because we’re duped by fake news, but because our brains don’t distinguish memories in the way we think they do: our brain doesn’t often make beliefs and tested reality feel like different things. It’s almost as if ‘true’ and ‘belief’ only became separate categories in ourContinue reading “We believe things that aren’t true and it’s normal”

Sapiens – as a blog post

The author summarizes the entirety of Yuval Harari’s Sapiens into a single blog post.   Sapiens makes the case (among other things) that the agricultural revolution was not particularly good for humanity, though it brought some good things. I spent over 25 hours building a cut-down version of Sapiens. The goal? Future-me should be happyContinue reading “Sapiens – as a blog post”

Political predictions

These predictions come from an interview with Martin Gurri, author of The Revolt of the Public. Gurri is a former CIA analyst who predicted the effects of social media on politics. He predicts: Authority shifts to local decisionmakers. Because motives are clear at the local level. Bureaucracies get dismantled, improving service. Government adopts some ofContinue reading “Political predictions”