Is Gamedec the cyberpunk Disco Elysium?

Mostly no, but it’s the closest I’ve found so far. That makes it worth the journey. Lately I’ve been on a quest to find games like Disco Elysium. Exactly like Disco Elysium, in fact. Which is impossible. The things I like about Disco Elysium are: No combat Intense character personalization through dialogue A world thatContinue reading “Is Gamedec the cyberpunk Disco Elysium?”

The greatest video games of all time

Ranked in my opinion, they are: Disco Elysium Planescape Torment Final Fantasy VI Rise of the Tomb Raider Half-Life 1 Max Payne 1 Legend of Zelda / Metroid (tie) There has never been a game as good as Disco Elysium. I suppose there will be some day, but if it takes twenty years, it wouldn’tContinue reading “The greatest video games of all time”