Just Friends and Scott Pilgrim: Rom-coms for men?

Every year, I watch Just Friends and Scott Pilgrim, and I think they’re so rewatchable because they’re rom-coms unabashedly from the male POV (I’m male). Whereas I think most rom-coms are geared toward women as the principal audience and perspective. In the case of Just Friends, I’m struck by the casual cruelty Amy Smart’s characterContinue reading “Just Friends and Scott Pilgrim: Rom-coms for men?”

Pontypool, a zombie story about language

It’s an odd premise, for sure. Pontypool is a book, later adapted into a movie about zombies. It’s apparently a metaphor about language, which is especially apt with social media: AMPS is transferred through language and the only way to stop its spread is to outlaw communication. Kind of reminds me of Snow Crash. DefinitelyContinue reading “Pontypool, a zombie story about language”

Grant Morrison on magic

The comic book author and follower of magic describes how to get started in magic, for those into that sort of thing. I discovered this article after falling into a google hole after watching Under the Silver Lake, from some thread somewhere that said the protagonist was creating sigils. Magic also sounds a lot likeContinue reading “Grant Morrison on magic”