What is ‘thinking past the sale’?

Lately I’ve been seeing the term “thinking past the sale,” but didn’t really understand what it means.

“Thinking past the sale” is a term used by salespeople. It means getting people to imagine what happens after a product is purchased or a decision is made. For example, imagine once you finish reading this post, you make a cup of coffee and then you finish that project you’ve been putting off. How good would that feel?

That’s thinking past the sale. By getting you to imagine how you’ll feel after you complete that project you’ve been putting off, you’ve accepted the premise that you’ll complete the project. Apparently the tactic works because it triggers several inborn biases.

By thinking about the idea more, you’re more likely to see opportunities to make it a reality. And thanks to the representativeness heuristic, you will think it’s more likely to happen the more you think about it.

There is more at the link.

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